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Large “Tree” Wall Décor

You can change the look of any room in your home with these peel and stick vinyl decals. They are cut from a matte finish vinyl that looks like it has been painted onto your wall, without all that mess and expense!

These decals are removable - they leave no sticky residue.

Tree Applied to a White Wall
This photo is of an actual tree kit we applied to a wall in our home

  • 80" tall by 54" wide Kit of a Tree with leaves
  • Tree comes with separate leaves you place them where you want them.
  • You choose the colors two colors for leaves one color trunk
  • Tree comes in a kit of 9 pieces for assembly on your wall.
  • Leaves come on a sheet of 70 leaves (35 of each color) so that you can place them where you want instead of conforming to a certain design.
  • Each color includes 5 large leaves (8" x 4"), 15 medium (6" x 3") and 15 small (4.5" x 2.5") leaves for a total of 70 leaves

California residents are subject to state sales tax.

We usually ship decals within 2 business days of receiving an order. We ship with the USPS Priority mail only on this item.

Please only purchase if you live in the US. We do not accept any international orders, any order from a country that we do not ship will be refunded.

Tree Example

Set of Leaves

Tree comes in 9 pieces

Tree Measurements


Color Choices Available:
Your choice of one color for the tree trunk and 2 color for the leaves.
Large "Tree" Wall Art

decal set includes:

  • 1 Tree Trunk Kit (9 pieces)
  • 2 sets of leaves (70 total, 35 each color)
After your purchase of our decal kit above you will be directed to an order form to choose your colors for the decals. If you are not directed please use this link.

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