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Q: What is a decal?

A: These are die cut vinyl decals cut on a vinyl cutting machine. Like a sticker you stick the decal to the outside surface of whatever you like. Unlike a sticker it is not a solid piece, the vinyl is cut to form the shape of the image, any empty space is open, so you can still see through.

Q: Are these window clings?

A: No, this is a vinyl outdoor all weather decal. More closely related to a sticker, it can not be repositioned. Once it has been applied it can not be reapplied.

Q: Is it difficult to install?

A: No. We have simple, easy to follow instructions included with every decal.

The instructions are as follows:

  1. Clean surface thoroughly with a paper towel and rubbing alcohol.
  2. Peel backing from decal making sure to leave vinyl decal on transfer tape.
  3. Holding away from surface with two fingers on either side, position decal.
  4. Lightly place decal on surface.
  5. With a credit card or fingers starting from center out, rub firmly to assure a smooth secure bond.
  6. Remove transfer tape leaving only the vinyl cutout decal.




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