Universal Strapping Kit - Large

This universal strapping kit can be used in any number of ways:

  • Camping
  • Travel
  • Storage
  • Postage
  • And much more . . .

This kit is made just for you.

No tools needed, all you need is a pair of scissors to cut the strapping to the proper length. These straps are hand tightened, which means great strapping, without the need to buy an expensive stretcher.

Included in this kit:

  • 70 feet of 1/2 inch high quality strapping material rated to 300 pounds
  • 25 buckles to tie down your packages
  • Instructions on how to use your new strapping kit

This kit can be used for strapping boxes, bundles of wood, bundles of newspapers, or even to strap camping gear for travel. There are countless uses for this high quality strapping material.

Price: $2.99 each
Shipping & Handling: $2.50 + $1.50 each additional kit
California Residents are subject to Tax

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